Osia® 2

A sound processor unintentionally drops out of the streaming program when I use my TV Streamer.

  1. The TV Streamer and sound processors have been out of wireless range for more than 5 minutes.

    Make sure the TV Streamer and sound processors are within wireless range (up to 20 feet) and activate streaming again.

  2. The battery in the sound processor is so depleted that it no longer supports audio streaming.

    Put a new battery in your sound processor. To replace the battery:

    • Hold the sound processor with the front facing you.
    • Open the battery door until it is completely open.
    • Remove the old battery.
    • Remove the sticker on the + side of the new battery and let it stand for five seconds.
    • Insert the new battery with the + sign facing up in the battery door.
    • Gently close the battery door.

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