Kanso® 2

I cannot hear any sound, or the sound comes on and off.

  1. Check the indicator light (if enabled by your hearing health professional).

    Quick green flashes mean your sound processor is receiving sound from the microphones.

    Quick blue flashes mean your sound processor is receiving sound from an audio source.

    You can find more information about indicator lights on page 46-47 of your Kanso® 2 Sound Processor User Guide.

  2. View the sound level meter on the Status screen of the Nucleus® Smart App.

    This will help you to determine if there's a change in sound level with the presence of sounds.

  3. Turn up the volume.

    Try turning up the volume with either the Nucleus® Smart App or the Cochlear Remote Control.

  4. Turn up sensitivity in the Nucleus® Smart App.

    If your hearing health professional has enabled sensitivity and you're using the Nucleus® Smart App, try turning up the sensitivity.

  5. Try a different program.

    You can choose between programs to change the way your sound processor deals with sound (e.g. in noisy or quiet places).

    To switch between programs, use your app or remote. Refer to your app or remote user guide for details.

  6. Contact your hearing health professional.

    If you've recently had your sound processor programmed or replaced and the problem persists, please contact your hearing health professional.

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