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I'm experiencing tightness or discomfort at my implant site.

  1. Try using an adhesive Cochlear SoftWear pad.

    The Cochlear SoftWear Pad is optional. If you experience discomfort when wearing your sound processor, you can attach this adhesive pad to the back of your sound processor.

    • First, remove any old pad from your sound processor.
    • Peel off the single backing strip on the adhesive side of the pad.
    • Attach the pad to the back of the sound processor – press down firmly.
    • Peel off the two semicircle backing covers on the cushion side of the pad.
    • Wear your sound processor as usual.
    Note: After attaching a Cochlear™ SoftWear Pad, you may need a stronger magnet. You may also need to make adjustments to your sound processor's programming during your next visit to your hearing health professional.
  2. Are you using a retention aid?

    If you're using a retention aid, such as a headband, this may be placing pressure on your processor. Adjust your retention aid, or try a different aid.

  3. Your processor magnet may be too strong.

    Ask your hearing care professional to change to a weaker magnet (and use a retention aid such as the Safety Line if you need to).

  4. Don't ignore the problem.

    If you continue to experience issues, or if you have a skin irritation at your implant site, contact your health care provider.

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