Osia® 2

When I use my Mini Microphone 2+, I press the button on my sound processor for more than 3 seconds but nothing happens.

  1. You have probably not paired your Mini Microphone 2+ and sound processors.

    Go through the pairing process.

    This will vary slightly depending on whether you are pairing your Mini Microphone 2+ in channel 1, channel 2 or channel 3.

    To pair your Mini Microphone 2+ in all three channels:

    • Turn off your sound processor.
    • Turn on your Mini Microphone 2+.
    • Press the pairing button once for channel 1 (twice for channel 2, three times for channel 3) using the tip of a pen or a similar object. The status LED will flash yellow and the device will be in pairing mode for 20 seconds.
    • The number of flashes from the LED in each sequence will correspond to the channel the microphone is being paired to (one flash – channel 1, two flashes – channel 2, three flashes – channel 3).
    • While pairing mode is active, turn on your sound processor.

    You'll know streaming is activated (depending on how your hearing health professional has set up your device) when you hear a ripple tone upward melody, or see one long flash followed by one short flash.

    Note: You can watch a short video about how to pair your Mini Microphone 2+ to your Osia 2 Sound Processor.

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