Nucleus® 7

The indicator light on my battery charger is flashing orange.

  1. Are you using rechargeable batteries?

    Only connect rechargeable batteries to the charger. Don't connect disposable batteries.
  2. Are you using a Y battery charger?

    Try the rechargeable battery on the other connector on the charger. Make sure there's no dirt or dust on the battery contacts, the processor, the battery, or the charger. You'll find easy step-by-step pointers for how to clean these items on page 44 of your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor User Guide.

    If cleaning your Y charger doesn't fix the issue, your charger may be faulty. Please contact us and we'll replace the charger if it's still under warranty.
  3. Try a different rechargeable battery.

    If this fixes the problem, the rechargeable battery may be faulty or at the end of its life. It's probably time to replace the battery.
  4. Chargers don't work in extreme warm or cold.

    Make sure you only use the charger within 32°F – 104°F.
  5. Are you using a USB port?

    Try a different USB port.
  6. Are you using a USB hub?

    If you're using a USB hub, you may have too many devices connected. Try removing some devices and retry. Make sure your USB hub is a powered hub.

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