Nucleus® 7

My sound processor won't turn on.

  1. Make sure you're using the correct batteries.

    For disposable batteries, use the ones we recommend – 675 (PR44) zinc air batteries designed for cochlear implants. Don't use silver oxide or alkaline batteries. Note: Let new disposable batteries stand for a few seconds after you peel off their plastic cover and before you put them into your sound processor.
  2. Check that there's no dirt or dust on the battery contacts.

    You'll find easy step-by-step pointers for how to clean battery contacts on page 44 of your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor User Guide.
  3. Replace the batteries.

    There's an easy step-by-step guide for how to do this on page 10 of your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor User Guide.
  4. Are you using new rechargeable batteries?

    If you're using a new rechargeable battery that hasn't been charged, it may still be in Sleep Mode. Find out everything you need to know about rechargeable batteries on page 12 of your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor User Guide.
  5. Are you using two sound processors?

    If you are, make sure you have them on the correct side. If your sound processor is connected to the wrong side, it may flash orange every second.

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