Kanso® 2

I can't hear sound when I use a wireless accessory.

  1. Confirm your sound processor is receiving sound from the accessory.

    If you're using the Nucleus® Smart App, check the Status screen. You should see an image of the wireless accessory inside the sound level meter.

    You can use the Nucleus® Smart App to adjust the volume of your accessory and of your sound processor.

    If you're using the Cochlear Remote Control, make sure you long-press the telecoil button and that you've selected the correct accessory channel to stream from.

  2. Does the wireless accessory have power?

    Make sure the wireless accessory is charged and turned on.

  3. Is your wireless accessory paired with your sound processor?

    Check that your wireless accessory is paired with your sound processor. Refer to the True Wireless User Guide for information on how to pair.

  4. Turn up the volume.

    Check the volume level of your wireless accessory and increase the volume, if possible.

  5. Are you near sources of potential interference?

    Interference from nearby electrical devices can sometimes disrupt streaming from a wireless accessory. Try moving away from any device that might be causing this interference.

  6. If available, try a different sound processor.

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