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I'm not sure how to care for my sound processor.

  1. Do some general maintenance.

    Follow these basic steps to keep your sound processor working properly:

    • When you're not using your sound processor, turn it off and store it in a place free of dust and dirt.
    • If you're not going to use your sound processor for a while, remove the battery.
    • During physical activities, use the safety line to secure your sound processor.
    • Remove your sound processor before applying hair conditioners, mosquito repellent or similar products.
  2. Basic care for your sound processor magnet.

    We recommend you wear your sound processor magnet with a soft pad for maximum comfort.

    Keep your sound processor magnet clean by wiping it with an alcohol-free wipe. Do not use running water.

  3. Change the soft pads.

    You should change your sound processor magnet soft pad regularly. Replace the soft pad if:

    • You see a build-up of dirt or moisture that you can't wipe off.
    • It looks worn-out or damaged.
    • It gets uncomfortable to wear your sound processor.

    Please contact your hearing health professional to get new soft pads, or if changing the soft pads you have doesn't help.

  4. Clean the sound processor.

    Clean the external casing of your sound processor regularly with an alcohol-free wipe. Do not use water.

    Use the small sound processor brush to clean the snap coupling. This is the part that connects your sound processor into your abutment.

    Don't use excessive force when you clean the snap coupling because this could damage the sound processor.

    Your hearing health professional can give you a special care kit to keep your sound processor in good condition.

    Note: When you're not using your sound processor, remove the battery and put it in your battery case or in your dry aid kit.
  5. Clean the abutment.

    Skin debris or other dirt in your abutment can affect the sound quality and damage your sound processor. So, it's important to clean your abutment area thoroughly.

    Use the soft abutment cleaning brush in your sound processor kit.

    If you get persistent irritation, soreness or other signs of inflammation around your abutment, contact your doctor or hearing care professional.

  6. Clean the abutment.

    Your Baha System comes with a user manual part A (for your Baha Sound Processor), and a user manual part B (for either your Baha Attract or Baha Connect System).

    These guides have tips on how to best use, maintain and care for your sound processor when you have an abutment to connect to your implant.

    Please read your manuals and keep them handy for future reference. This is the best way to make sure you get the most from your sound processor.

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