Kanso® 2

My sound processor won't turn on or charge.

  1. Leave enough time for charging.

    Make sure you allow the sound processor to charge in your home charger for at least 4.5 hours.

  2. Are you using two sound processors?

    If you are, make sure you have each of them on the correct side of your head. If your sound processor is connected to the wrong side, it may flash orange every second.

  3. Check your environmental conditions.

    Don't charge your sound processor in extreme temperatures (anything colder than 41 F or hotter than 104 F).

    For more information about the best conditions to store and operate your charger, see Environmental conditions on page 23 of the Cochlear Chargers User Guide.

  4. Is there damage to your sound processor?

    Check that your sound processor does not show any sign of damage.

  5. Are you using a portable charger?

    If you are – and your sound processor won't stay turned on while it's connected to the portable charger – you may need to replace your sound processor battery. Call our customer support team on 877-651-7001.

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