Kanso® 2

My remote control won't change programs or adjust volume.

  1. Is your remote control paired to your sound processor?

    Make sure your two devices are paired.

    To pair your sound processor to your remote control:

    • Turn off your sound processor and remote control.
    • Turn on your sound processor and remote control. They must both be on and “awake” at all times while pairing.
    • Place the coil of your sound processor onto the back of your remote control.
    • Your remote control will show pairing in process.
    • Your remote control then shows successful pairing of either your left (L) or right (R) sound processor.

    If you have two sound processors (bilateral), repeat the above steps for your second sound processor.

  2. Make sure your sound processor(s) is turned on.

  3. Perhaps the remote is too far from your sound processor.

    Move the remote within six feet of your sound processor.

  4. Replace the battery.

    If your remote control won't turn on, replace the battery.

  5. Contact our customer support team.

    If the problem persists, call our customer support team on 877-651-7001.

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