baha 6 max

My sound processor won't turn on.

  1. Try turning your sound processor on again.

    Use the battery door to turn your sound processor on and off.

    To turn on your sound processor, close the battery door completely.

    To turn off your sound processor, gently open the battery door until you feel the first "click".

    Note: When your sound processor is turned off and on again, it will return to Program 1 and default volume level. If enabled, audio and/or visual signals will let you know that the device is starting up.
  2. Replace the battery.

    Often a new battery is the solution. To replace your battery:

    • Remove your sound processor from your head.
    • Hold your sound processor with the front facing down.
    • Open the battery compartment all the way and remove the old battery.
    • Remove the sticker on the + side of the new battery.
    • Put the battery facing upwards into its compartment.
    • Gently close the battery door.
  3. Make sure the battery inserted correctly.

    The battery should sit with the + sign facing upwards. Always remember to remove the sticker when you insert a new battery.

  4. Does the battery have enough air?

    The battery needs air to operate. Make sure the battery air inlet and/or the battery air holes are not covered.

  5. Try a different program.

    You can choose between programs to change the way your sound processor deals with sound. If available, your hearing health professional may have up to four pre-set programs for your sound processor.

    These programs are suitable for different listening situations. To change the program:

    • Press and release the control button located on the top of your sound processor once.
    • If enabled, audio and visual signals will let you know which program you have changed to.
    • To change to any of the other programs pre-set by your clinician, repeat the steps above until you get confirmation that you’re in the desired program.
    Note: If you are a bilateral recipient, program changes you make to one device will automatically apply on your second device. Your hearing health professional can enable or disable this function. Note: Battery life depends on many things – daily use, the volume setting, use of wireless audio streaming, the sound environment, and battery strength.

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