baha 6 max

I'm not sure how to care for my sound processor.

  1. Do some general maintenance.

    Follow these basic steps to keep your sound processor working properly:

    • When you're not using your sound processor, turn it off and store it in a place free of dust and dirt. A storage case is provided by Cochlear in the sound processor box.
    • If you're not going to use your sound processor for a while, remove the battery.
    • During physical activities, use the safety line to secure your sound processor.
    • Remove your sound processor before applying hair conditioners, mosquito repellent or similar products.
  2. Clean your sound processor.

    Remove the sound processor from your head and use the cleaning kit and instructions provided to you by Cochlear when you received your Baha sound processor.

    After exercise, wipe your processor with a soft cloth to remove sweat or dirt.

    If your sound processor gets wet or is exposed to humidity, dry it with a soft cloth and remove the battery. Let your sound processor dry out in its storage case or Dri-Aid Kit before inserting a new battery.

    Note: Only use cleaning methods recommended by Cochlear.
  3. Clean the abutment.

    Skin debris or other dirt in your abutment can affect the sound quality and damage your sound processor. So, it's important to clean your abutment area thoroughly.

    If you get persistent irritation, soreness or other signs of inflammation around your abutment, contact your doctor or hearing care professional.

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