Osia® 2

The sound quality from my sound processor is poor or isn't as good as it was.

  1. Check the battery door.

    Make sure the door is completely closed and there's no damage to your sound processor's external casing.

  2. Check that you're using the correct batteries.

    The Osia® 2 Sound Processor uses a high power 675 (PR44) zinc air disposable battery designed for hearing implant use. If you use a standard 675 battery your sound processor will not function.

  3. Check the sound processor cover.

    Make sure the cover is attached to the base without any visible gaps.

    To remove the cover:

    • Open the battery door.
    • Press and lift to remove the cover.

    To attach the cover:

    • Place the cover over the front part of the sound processor base unit. The button should be aligned with the cover opening.
    • Press down on the cover around the button until you feel a "click" on both sides of the button.
    • Press down on the cover between microphone ports until you feel a "click". The microphone ports are the two tiny holes you can see on the top of your sound processor cover.
    • Close the battery door.
    Note: You can watch a short video about how to change the cover of your Osia® 2 Sound Processor.
  4. You may need a new program.

    If none of the above solves the issue, your sound processor may need a programming adjustment. Check with your clinician at your next visit.

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