Kanso® 2

The indicator light on the front of the home charger is flashing orange.

  1. This could mean your charger is not getting enough power or you're using it in temperatures outside its operating range.

    A few things to try first:

    • Check that the cables are connected properly.
    • Use the charger in a different location where the temperature is inside your charger's operating range. (41 F to 104 F)
    • If you're using a USB port, try a different one. You could be using the wrong type of USB port.
    • If you're using a USB hub, make sure it is a powered hub, and remove some devices because you may have too many devices connected to the hub.
  2. Are you using the correct equipment?

    Your home charger equipment includes:

    • home charger unit
    • power adapter
    • USB cable to connect the power adapter to the charger.
    Note: For best performance, we recommend you connect your home charger to a power outlet with the power adapter we provide.

    Make sure you're using the Cochlear Plug Pack and Cable and be sure the home charger is plugged into a power source.

  3. Is it still flashing orange?

    This indicates a fault with the charger. Call our customer support team on 877-651-7001.

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