Kanso® 2

The indicator light on my sound processor is flashing orange within the home charger while it's connected to a power source.

  1. Check the temperature of your environment.

    Make sure you're not trying to charge your sound processor in extreme temperatures (anything colder than 41 F or hotter than 104 F).

  2. Are you using the correct equipment?

    Your home charger equipment includes:

    • home charger unit
    • power adapter
    • USB cable to connect the power adapter to the charger.
    Note: For best performance, we recommend you connect your home charger to a power outlet with the power adapter we provide.

    Make sure you're using the Cochlear Plug Pack and Cable and be sure the Home Charger is plugged into a power source.

  3. Is the charger working properly?

    Connect your sound processor to the portable charger and confirm that charging starts with the presence of the green LED on the portable charger.

  4. Contact our customer support team.

    If the problem persists, call our customer support team on 877-651-7001.

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