baha 6 max

I have lost my sound processor.

  1. Try the Find My Processor feature in the Baha® Smart App.

    Don't worry – the Baha Smart App can help you locate a lost sound processor.

    Open the Assist section in the Baha Smart App on your compatible Apple® or Android™ device and tap Locate device.

    You will see a bar appear in the middle of your screen. The closer you get to your sound processor, the higher the bar rises on your screen.

    There's even a possible solution if your sound processor is switched off or if you're too far away for a connection.

    Switch to Map view in the Baha Smart App. The map shows the last location where your compatible Apple or Android device had a connection to your sound processor.

    This helps you narrow the search to places like your workplace, your child's school, or your back yard.

  2. Contact customer support.

    If you're sure you won't find your sound processor, contact our customer support and you'll soon have a new one.

    They'll advise you if your sound processor is covered for loss. Your warranty includes coverage for a single instance of loss.

    Note: Your initial two-year warranty includes loss coverage. However, any service plans you buy after your initial two-year warranty expires does not include loss.

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