Osia® 2

Using my Mini Microphone 2+, no pairing melody plays in my sound processor when the pairing sequence times out.

  1. The Mini Microphone 2+ and the sound processor are not within wireless range.

    Make sure your Mini Microphone 2+ and sound processors are within wireless range and repeat the pairing process.

    Pairing varies slightly depending on whether you're pairing your Mini Microphone 2+ in channel 1, channel 2 or channel 3.

    To pair your Mini Microphone 2+ in all three channels:

    • Turn off your sound processor.
    • Turn on your microphone.
    • Press the pairing button once for channel 1 (twice for channel 2, three times for channel 3) using the tip of a pen or a similar object. The status LED will flash yellow and the device will be in pairing mode for 20 seconds.
    • The number of flashes from the LED in each sequence will correspond to the channel the microphone is being paired to (one flash – channel 1, two flashes – channel 2, three flashes – channel 3).
    • While pairing mode is active, turn on your sound processor.

    You'll know streaming is activated (depending on how your hearing health professional has set up your device) when you hear a ripple tone upward melody, or see one long flash followed by one short flash.

    Note: You can watch a short video about how to pair your Mini Microphone 2+ to your Osia 2 Sound Processor. Note: If your Mini Microphone 2+ gets out of range and within range again within 5 minutes, your sound processors will automatically reconnect and continue streaming. This also applies if the Mini Microphone 2+ is turned off and on again within 5 minutes.
  2. The Mini Microphone 2+ and the sound processors have not been in pairing mode simultaneously.

    Repeat the pairing process (see above).

    Also, make sure you close the battery doors on both sound processors within 20 seconds after you press the pairing button on the Mini Microphone 2+.

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