Osia® 2

The Bluetooth pairing failed with my Phone Clip.

  1. The Phone Clip left Bluetooth pairing mode before the mobile phone completed the pairing session.

    Repeat the Bluetooth pairing process, and make sure you finish the process within 2 minutes after activating it in the Phone Clip.

    To pair your Phone Clip with your sound processor:

    • Switch off your sound processor.
    • Switch on your Phone Clip and remove the silver cap.
    • Press the white pairing button on the Phone Clip once using the tip of a pen or a similar object.
    • The LED will flash yellow every two seconds and the Phone Clip will now be in pairing mode for 20 seconds.
    • While pairing mode is active, switch on your sound processor. An audible melody will play in the sound processor to indicate a successful pairing.
    Note: You can watch a short video about how to pair your Phone Clip with your Osia 2 Sound Processor.
  2. You could have entered the wrong 4-digit PIN code.

    Repeat the Bluetooth pairing process (see above).

    If you're asked for a PIN code, enter 0000 (four zeros).

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