Osia® 2

My sound processor won't turn on.

  1. Make sure you're operating your sound processor correctly.

    You turn on your sound processor by completely closing the battery door.

    You turn off your sound processor by gently opening the battery door until you feel the first "click".

    Note: You can watch a short video about how to turn on your Osia® 2 Sound Processor.
  2. Replace the battery.

    Often a new battery is the solution. To replace your battery:

    • Hold your sound processor with the front facing you.
    • Open the battery door all the way.
    • Remove the old battery.
    • Remove the sticker on the + side of the new battery and let it stand for five seconds.
    • Insert the new battery with the + sign facing up in the battery door.
    • Gently close the battery door.
    Note: You can watch a short video about how to change batteries in an Osia® 2 Sound Processor.
  3. Do you have two implants?

    If you have two implants, make sure you're wearing the correct sound processor on each implant. If you place a sound processor on the wrong implant, it won't start.

    Ask your hearing health professional to mark your sound processors with colored stickers (e.g. red for right, blue for left). This will make it easy to identify your left and right sound processor.

  4. If the problem continues, contact your hearing health professional.

    Note: You should replace batteries as you need to, just as you would with any other electronic device. Battery life varies due to things such as the thickness of the skin covering your implant, and which programs you use every day.

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