Osia® 2

I hear feedback or whistling from my sound processor.

  1. Are you wearing glasses, a bike helmet or something else on your head?

    Make sure anything you might wear on your head or in your hair doesn't touch your sound processor. This can cause feedback.

  2. Check the battery door.

    Make sure the battery door is completely closed.

  3. Check for external damage.

    If there are any cracks in the casing of your sound processor, you may need to return it for repair or a replacement by submitting a service request.

  4. Make sure the cover is attached correctly.

    To attach the cover:

    • Place the cover over the front part of your sound processor's base unit. Align the button with the cover opening.
    • Press down on the cover around the button until you feel a "click" on both sides of the button.
    • Press down on the cover between microphone ports until you feel a "click". The microphone ports are the two tiny holes you can see on the top of your sound processor cover.
    • Close the battery door.
  5. If the problem continues, contact your hearing health professional.

    Note: You can also watch a video about how to change the cover on an Osia® 2 Sound Processor.

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