Nucleus® 6

My battery doesn't last as long as expected, even when it's fully charged.

  1. How old is the battery?

    Batteries are only meant to last about a year. For example, the lifespan of a rechargeable battery averages between 365-400 charge cycles. Just like any other electronic device, you should replace batteries when you need to. Note: Most people rotate multiple rechargeable batteries, so it may take more than a year to reach the 365-400 charge cycles on a single battery.
  2. Are the battery contacts clean?

    Make sure there's no dirt or dust on the battery, the charger or the battery contacts on the sound processor. You'll find pointers for how to clean these items on page 40 of the user guide.
  3. Are you using disposable batteries?

    Make sure they're the ones we recommend – 675 (PR44) zinc air batteries designed for cochlear implants. Don't use silver oxide or alkaline batteries. Let new disposable batteries stand for a few seconds after you peel off their plastic cover and before you put them into your sound processor.
  4. Can you try a different rechargeable battery?

    If you have another rechargeable battery, does it last longer than the one you're having trouble with? If it does, this could mean the original battery is past its lifespan.
  5. Has your sound processor been programmed recently?

    If it has, this can result in shorter battery life than normal. Note: Another possible factor is skin flap thickness. Your clinician can advise whether this could be the cause.
  6. Are you using wireless accessories more than usual?

    If you are, this can also result in shorter battery life.

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