My battery doesn't last as long as expected.

  1. Are you using the right batteries?

    Make sure they're the ones we recommend – 675 (PR44) zinc air batteries designed for cochlear implants. If you are using the Aqua+ accessory you'll need to change to another type of battery. You can find a list of batteries on page 3 of the Aqua+ for Kanso® User Guide. Note: Let new disposable batteries stand for a few seconds after you peel off their plastic cover and before you put them into your sound processor.
  2. Has your sound processor been programmed recently?

    If it has, this can result in a shorter battery life than before.
  3. Are you using wireless accessories more than usual?

    If you are, this can also result in shorter battery life.
  4. Are you using a retention aid?

    Make sure you're using one we recommend. Note: You should replace batteries as you need to, as battery life varies based on your type of implant and the thickness of your skin. We designed the Kanso® Sound Processor to give you about 16 hours of battery life for typical use. However, this may vary based on your settings and hearing situations.

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