Kanso® 2

My battery doesn't last as long as expected, even when it's fully charged.

  1. Make sure you place your sound processor properly on your head.

    Place your sound processor on your implant with:

    • the Cochlear logo, light and microphone ports facing up
    • the straight edge facing down.

    For details, see Wear your processor on page 16-18 of the Kanso® 2 Sound Processor User Guide.

  2. Check your streaming habits.

    Think about how much time you spend streaming via your phone or any wireless accessories and compare this to your initial use of your sound processor. Are you streaming more than before?

    Note: Streaming can reduce battery life by up to 10%.
  3. Check the battery health.

    Make sure the battery health is “good” or “okay” in the Settings menu of the Nucleus® Smart App.

    If the battery health is not “good” or “okay”, contact our customer support team to see if your battery is still under warranty.

  4. Did you recently replace your sound processor or have your hearing health professional program your sound processor?

    When you have your sound processor programmed, or at your next appointment, ask your hearing health professional what you can expect for battery life.

  5. Make sure you're using retention aids we recommend.

    If you're using a different type of retention aid, replace it with one that Cochlear recommends.

  6. Are you charging your batteries within normal room temperature?

    Don't charge your sound processor in extreme temperatures (anything colder than 41 F or hotter than 104 F).

  7. Are you using the correct magnet for your implant?

    If you're not sure that you're using the correct implant magnet, contact your hearing health professional.

  8. Contact our customer support team.

    If the problem persists, call our customer support team on 877-651-7001.

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